Bassinet Basket - Palm Springs

This moses bassinet basket is beautifully handcrafted by local weavers in Ghana for your newborn. It is made from natural elephant grass and coloured with traditional plant and mineral dyes. Elephant Grass is similar to hardened hay and has the wonderful properties of being strong, light, durable and flexible.

The basket is double woven to give strength and durability. The 100% leather handle trim is sourced directly from the tanneries in Morocco for that added touch of style.

Each moses bassinet basket takes several days to hand weave from start to finish. The craft is intensive and intricate for the artisans, but the end result is a beautiful array of patterns and colours for a one of a kind bassinet for your precious one.

The basket comes with a custom fitted, firm foam mattress with a removable cotton mattress cover so that it is easily washable.

        1. Our moses bassinet baskets are intended as a supervised sleeping bassinet for newborn babies. Once your bub can roll over or sit up unaided, stop using the basket as a bassinet and seek an alternative bedding option.
        2. When in use, always place the basket on a firm and flat surface, or in the Thirty Three South moses basket stand. 
        3. Do not carry your baby in the basket, always remove your baby first before moving the basket.
        4. Use only the mattress provided and it is not advised to add additional bedding or pillows, other than a fitted sheet. 
        5. For further recommendations on safe sleep positions to reduce the risk of SIDS please visit Red Nose.
        1. Your moses bassinet basket may arrive a little out of shape from the shipping process or bend over time - this is normal and your basket has not been damaged.
        2. To reshape your your basket simply follow these steps:
        3. 1) Wet the areas of the basket you would like to reshape using tap water from a hose or a bucket.
        4. 2) Allow the water to penetrate the straw and then shake off excess water.
        5. 3) Using your hands, gently mould the basket back into your desired shape.
        6. 4) Allow to air dry.
        7. To prevent mould in humid climates simply spray your basket with diluted clove oil.
        8. Take care not to drag the basket on rough surfaces and if any fibres becomes loose they can simply be trimmed.
        1. Weight 3kg
        2. Approximate size is 73cm (L) x 40cm (W) x 28cm (H) excluding handles.