Holiday packing for bub without needing a semi-trailer…

March 02, 2019 2 min read

Thirty Three South Blog Post Holiday

It never ceases to amaze me just how many items are needed for such little people! Whilst a holiday is always exciting, the thought of packing a bag (or 10) for bub is a VERY daunting prospect. So how do you get away with not needing a semi-trailer to holiday with your baby? A few handy tried and tested tricks below may be just the thing you need:

  • Can you hire items such as a travel stroller at your destination to save taking your pram with you? If you are flying and can’t bear to part with your pram, check with your airline if you can check in your pram without it counting as a checked bag, most airlines offer this service and you pick your pram up from the oversized baggage counter on arrival.
  • Use the same toiletries (body wash, moisturiser, toothpaste etc) as bub to save taking double.
  • Buy nappies at your destination.
  • Use travel packs of wipes, nappy cream and toiletries.
  • If bub needs white noise to sleep, download an app for your phone so you don’t need to take your machine.
  • Our Moses and bassinet baskets are the perfect portable travel companion for road trips to keep bub settled in their own sleeping environment while you are on the go. Many of our customers love taking their baskets to the beach for bubs day sleeps under the umbrella!
  • Take toys and accessories that have multiple purposes:
    • Our Thirty Three South teethers double as both a teether and a rattle and can be tucked away in their travel storage pouch to stay clean during your adventures.
    • Our 7PM Linen wraps are awesome for travel as they are large enough that they can be used as a beach towel or picnic rug as well as being able to be used in the bassinet as a sheet or as a swaddle wrap.
  • Consider staying in accommodation with washing facilities so you can take less changes of clothes.